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The Company (Environment conducive to productivity)

The KPLP Marine has a complete physical structure so that their products can meet the highest standards of quality.

Its structure comprises of: lounge manipulation; room primary and secondary packaging fully heated, room cleaning and storage boxes, storage room packaging, freezing tunnels 07, 01 products receiving chamber 01 and storage chamber of finished products.

The Guarantee of Origin


The handling of the product consists of a small toilet and centrifugation when necessary, held in air conditioned rooms totally equipped for the practice of such activity.

After packaging, the products are transported to the freezing tunnels, where they remain until they reach a temperature of -18 ° C then are stored in the finished products chamber until the time of shipment.


Products to be cooled are conveyed to handling KPLP Marine in refrigerated trucks and discharging directly into the receiving chamber where wait until the time for processing at a temperature of 0 ° C to 7 ° C with monitoring of the quality and reinspection SIF 1259. All products come from establishments with Federal Inspection Service in several states of the federation (FIS).


The professionals responsible for the quality of Marine KPLP are highly qualified in their curriculum with training courses on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standardized Operating Procedure (SOP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The hygienic conditions of the warehouse and Meat Products (ECD) and the goods received and dispatched are held closely by a Technical Officer, an Assistant Quality Control, an auxiliary of the SIF and permanent control of the veterinarian of the Federal Inspection Service SIF 1259 .

Our greatest commitment is to produce quality and ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Market in Tune

With technology more than 30 years following a refrigerator at KPLP consolidates Navy - as a serious company and a physical infrastructure and human resources that enables marketing to kids and remains edible and inedible for the requirements of importing countries.

With its own headquarters, located in Sabara, Minas Gerais, KPLP The Navy has more than 80 stores suppliers and are structured to provide quality to their customers.


KPLP Marinho KPLP Marinho KPLP Marinho KPLP Marinho

KPLP Marinho KPLP Marinho KPLP Marinho KPLP Marinho

Rua Letícia, 14 - Bairro Borges - Sabará - MG - BRASIL - ZIP: 34.720-040 - PHONE: + 55 31 3691-1248

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